.NET Rocks!

Refactoring Code and Team with Ryan Stelly

Episode #1420 Thursday, March 2, 2017

How do you evolve your team when it triples in size? Carl and Richard talk to Ryan Stelly about his experiences working at Rally Health when an acquisition grew the development team from eight people to 30. The conversation begins with a look at where they came from, building ASP.NET MVC apps. The new team used Scala and Angular together - how do you move forward? Cross team training, exploring new technologies and a lot of fun leads to React/Redux, a new DevOps stack and a culture that you'd want to be a part of!


Ryan Stelly

Ryan Stelly is a software engineer and team lead working at Rally Health building a consumer-facing digital healthcare platform. He splits his time writing C# web APIs, tweaking React front ends, managing immutable infrastructure with Terraform, and writing enough HipChat bots to risk his day job. He also runs the freshly minted Rally Health engineering blog at http://engineering.rallyhealth.com/ and frequently runs culture experiments to liven up the workplace. When he's not at work, he writes code, teaches other people to code, and plays board games and couch co-ops with his partner.


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