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Chatbots with Galiya Warrier

Episode #1410 Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ready to build a chatbot? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talk to Galiya Warrier about the different chatbot technologies available today. The focus is on the Microsoft Bot Framework, which under the hood uses LUIS - that's Language Understanding Intelligent Service. Galiya also talks about the QnA Maker, which sits on top of the Bot Framework to automate the creation of a chatbot that can use an FAQ as content. The discussion explores different chatbot platforms you can use, the integration of speech with the tech, and how to get past the hype of chatbots and into practical value. This is a whole new kind of UI for your application!


Galiya Warrier

Galiya Warrier is currently working at Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect, where in her day job she is helping enterprise customers to adopt Microsoft Azure platform and help companies to enjoy the benefits of the public cloud offerings. She has an MSc in Computer Science and has experience in Software Development as well as Business Intelligence. She has recently finished a number of MOOCs courses under the name of Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science and she is looking to expand her knowledge in this area in the future.


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