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Azure Key Vault with Sumedh Barde

Episode #1402 Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Where do your keep your secrets? Carl and Richard talk to Sumedh Barde about Azure Key Vault - the perfect place to keep all your secrets for your Azure applications. Sumedh talks through the issues around securing Azure applications properly and needing to store certificates and other secrets (including username/password logins) in a very secure place. Azure Active Directory plays a critical role in making everything work by providing identity services so that you can decide who/what has access to the secrets without sharing the secrets themselves. This makes control over access much simpler - no need to change certificates because someone left the company!


Sumedh Barde

Sumedh Barde is a Group Program Manager in Microsoft Azure, currently focused on data protection. Over the last 10 years at Microsoft, Sumedh has led PM and engineering teams building a variety of widely used products in and around security, including Azure Key Vault, parts of Azure Information Protection (RMS), Active Directory Certificate Services (PKI), and PlayReady DRM.


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