.NET Rocks!

Software Development Apprenticeship with Will Gant and BJ Burns

Episode #1394 Thursday, December 29, 2016

What happens when your college buddy decides later in life that he wants to switch to software development? Carl and Richard talk to Will Gant about his efforts bringing BJ Burns into his organization and apprenticing him as a software developer. What can you build with the earliest set of skills in modern development? How is an apprenticeship different from more traditional schooling? Will and BJ tell the story of how the apprenticeship came to be and where it is today - a great story of becoming a developer!


Will Gant

Will Gant is a full-stack C#, Javascript, and Delphi developer living in Nashville, TN working for Transformations LLC, as a contractor under Gant Software Systems, and as a partner in an agricultural trading platform called Agulus. He's used .NET since the first public beta and has recently started doing some lower-level work in Delphi, as well as kicking the tires on Dotnet Core. In addition, he's an avid weightlifter, wine-maker, occasional hunter, and terrible with both 9 irons and soldering irons.

BJ Burns

BJ Burns has a bachelors degree in Psychology. He attended medical school before changing careers to become a programmer. Currently he is working as a full stack developer for The State of Tennessee at the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. His hobbies include tinkering with IoT projects, riding his motorcycle, and co-hosting Complete Developer Podcast.


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