.NET Rocks!

Managing Angular with Jules Kremer

Episode #1391 Thursday, December 22, 2016

What does it take to keep AngularJS moving forward? Carl and Richard talk to Jules Kremer about her work as the head of Angular Developer Relations at Google. Angular started out as an internal library at Google and is widely used all over the organization. But as it's popularity grew, the outside world became interested in it also. Jules talks about learning how the rest of the world uses Angular and the role that played in the significant shift that happened in Angular 2, including the move to TypeScript, becoming more opinionated, and so on. The conversation also goes to the future of Angular, including the focus on Progressive Web Apps and a great set of docs. Oh, and we give away $5000 worth of technology to one lucky member of the .NET Rocks fan club!


Jules Kremer

Jules Kremer is Head of Angular Developer Relations at Google. When not working with developers, Jules is often bending into pretzel-like shapes, climbing mountains or drinking really awesome beer.


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