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Containers Panel at DevIntersection Europe

Episode #1386 Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How are containers doing in the world today? While in Haarlem for DevIntersection Europe, Carl and Richard hosted a panel with Michele Bustamante, Dan Wahlin and Rick Van Rousselt about how they are currently working with containers and what they see coming in the future. The panel discusses how making containers work is really about working with Linux, which is entirely viable in the .NET world with .NET Core, but Windows Containers looks to change that in the coming years. What will modern development look like in the next couple of years as containers take ahold of the entire development cycle? Exciting times!


Michèle Leroux Bustamante

Michele Leroux Bustamante is a founder and CIO of Solliance (solliance.net), founder of Policy Server, a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Azure MVP. Michele has years of experience in many fields including software architecture and design, identity and access management, cloud computing technologies, security and compliance, and DevOps.

Dan Wahlin

Dan Wahlin is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.

Rick Van Rousselt

Rick Van Rousselt works as senior SharePoint/O365 Consultant and is founder of Rivaro Consultancy. He has been working with SharePoint since 2007 and has now made the transition to Office 365. With a strong focus on development this job pushed him to become a versatile expert in both SharePoint, Office 365 and all related technologies. His inquisitive disposition encourages him to continuously gain knowledge and share insights with everyone that shares the same interests. Twitter: @rickvanrousselt Website: www.rickvanrousselt.com


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