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Building an Azure Search Engine with Anthony Brown

Episode #1380 Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How hard is it to build a search engine? Carl and Richard talk to Anthony Brown about his efforts to build his own search engine using Azure and F#. The conversation starts out with the question "Why?" which quickly turns into an indictment of the modern search engine, which, while useful, is bothered by the necessities of business with advertising and gaming of the system. Anthony talks about getting effective at exploring web pages for meaningful content using the ability of F# to write intelligent, tolerant parsing. Azure Search plays a huge role in taking that data and indexing in a way that makes it fast. Lots of great thinking about how these complex problems get solved!


Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is a consultant working at Compositional IT where he helps companies build and deploy cloud ready applications built using functional first techniques and technologies with Azure and F#. He's mostly interested in problems relating to IoT, distributed systems and big data processing. Anthony is a big fan of writing systems which just work with the minimal amount of effort (Don't we all?!). He's also the author of the book Reactive Applications with Akka.Net. When he's not writing code, Anthony can usually be found in the cricket nets or enjoying all that London has to offer. Tweet him @bruinbrown93


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