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SQL Choices with Tony Petrossian

Episode #1379 Thursday, November 24, 2016

The choices for SQL Server continue to expand! With last week's announcements at Connect, SQL Server is coming to Linux in a big way. What does that mean for the average consumer of SQL Server? Tony talks about the on-going evolution of the product to store data in lots of different ways, not just relational. And on top of that, the latest SQL Server is great at taking relational data and making it available in super-fast and efficient ways. There are more SQL choices than every before!


Tony Petrossian

Tony Petrossian has spent the last nine years contributing to the building of SQL technologies at Microsoft. Tony is currently a Group Program Manager in the Database Systems engineering organization and he is responsible for delivering the next version of SQL Server. Prior to coming to Microsoft in 2007, Tony was the Program Director for the IBM POWER Systems performance. During his seven years at IBM, Tony worked on operating systems, storage systems, relational databases, processors and enterprise servers. Early in his career, Tony worked at Informix on distributed database technologies. Tony holds a bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science.


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