.NET Rocks!

The Marketing of .NET with Beth Massi

Episode #1377 Tuesday, November 22, 2016

.NET used to be all about Windows - but it's not anymore! How do you market something so diverse? Carl and Richard talk to Beth Massi about her new role as the Marketing Manager for .NET. Today .NET runs on all sorts of platforms, and you can develop .NET code on multiple platforms as well. Beth talks about reaching out to the new audiences that may have never considered .NET before because of it's former focus on Windows. Now .NET runs everywhere, on all sorts of devices, and into even more operating systems. Where would you like your code to run?


Beth Massi

Beth Massi is the Product Marketing Manager for .NET Platform and Languages (C#, F#, VB). She's a long-time community champion and a .NET Foundation officer. She helps developers build amazing things. Follow her on twitter and GitHub: @BethMassi


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