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Building Mobile Apps using MFractor with Matthew Robbins

Episode #1372 Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Making mobile apps is never simple - but it can be made easier! Carl and Richard talk to Matthew Robbins about MFractor, a tool designed to help you build mobile apps using Xamarin across platforms more easily. Matthew talks about the challenges of trying to create common code (typically C#) in Xamarin that actually runs correcting in Android and iOS. A big part of MFractor is the code analysis tooling that helps you verify correctness for schema assignments, references, and so on. There's also help with code generations, navigation and a variety of other utilities. Check it out!


Matthew Robbins

Matthew Robbins is the creator of MFractor, a suite of incredible productivity tools for Visual Studio Mac. He's a Microsoft MVP who's been neck-deep in Xamarin since 2012.


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