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Angular 2 Docs with Ward Bell

Episode #1366 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How can you be successful with a product without good documentation? You can't! Carl and Richard talk to Ward Bell, who is serving as editor in chief for Angular docs. After complaining about the quality problems with the Angular documentation, Ward found himself in charge of the problem - and has taken it on in a big way. The docs themselves are developed in GitHub, so anyone can contribute. The challenge is making sure they're good - everything is driven by coding samples that are as simple as they need to be and follow strict standards. The result is docs you can trust - first and foremost they are correct, and hopefully effective at getting you productive with Angular!


Ward Bell

Ward is president of IdeaBlade, an application consulting company with more than a decade of helping its customers build business applications on the web using .NET and JavaScript/HTML technologies. Ward is also a Microsoft RD and a snappy dresser.


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