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Serverless Architecture with Ben Godwin

Episode #1362 Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Serverless is the new hot buzzword - but what does it really mean? Carl and Richard talk to Ben Godwin about his work building serverless applications - no servers, but lots of services! Ben talks about Amazon Lambda, which is similar to Azure Functions. Both these environments allow individual bits of code to run within them, written in a variety of languages, but often that language is Javascript in the Node style. The advantage of this approach is eliminating a lot of the ceremony around your services set, but at the price of some new working patterns and organization. Ben also mentions the Serverless Framework as a great free tool for getting started!


Ben Godwin

Ben Godwin is a full time .NET web developer working mainly in C# and Javascript. He's really passionate about tools or tech that make developers more productive, and products more reliable. Ben loves the new and shiny, but also treasures the robust and reliable stuff that just works, and gets things done. Ben tweets tweet at @benprog and blogs at www.benprogblog.com.


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