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React for Windows with Matthew Podwysocki and Eric Rozell

Episode #1341 Tuesday, August 30, 2016

React comes to Windows! Carl and Richard talk to Matthew Podwysocki and Eric Rozell about using React for Windows to build native Windows applications while programming in JavaScript! Originally intended for mobile apps, React Native works equally well building Windows 10 apps that work on phone, tablet and desktop. The conversation also turns to the conjunction of all things react and reactive - why do they go together? Matt talks about how the philosophy of streaming and event response build a philosophy that makes highly scalable, resilient software. Yet another cool way to build cross-platform applications with JavaScript!


Matt Podwysocki

Matthew Podwysocki is a software engineer at Microsoft based in Washington, DC. He is a TC39 member, contributor to the Reactive Extensions and React Native Windows projects.

Eric Rozell

Eric Rozell is a software engineer at Microsoft based in Cambridge, MA. Interested in all things reactive programming, Eric is a project lead for react-native-windows, and an Rx.NET contributor.


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