.NET Rocks!

Akka.NET 1.1 with Aaron Stannard

Episode #1338 Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A new version of Akka.NET has shipped! Carl and Richard talk to Aaron Stannard about Akka.NET 1.1. The discussion starts out talking about some of the new features in the latest release, which is focused on providing the tooling needed to build highly reliable and scaling enterprise class software. Aaron also digs into the differences between Akka.NET and other actor model frameworks. Akka is growing up!


Aaron Stannard

Aaron Stannard is the Founder and CEO of Petabridge, a company that provides commercial support, training, and tooling for Akka.NET, one of the OSS projects he founded. Petabridge creates products like Phobos Akka.NET APM, Petabridge.Cmd Akka.NET CLI, and OSS tools such as NBench - .NET Performance Testing.


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