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Full-stack ReactiveX with Qiming Liu

Episode #1333 Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's a really modern web app look like? Carl and Richard talk to Qiming Liu about the Reactive Trader Cloud, demonstrating the synergy between the cloud, containers, microservices, the Reactive Extensions Framework and ReactJS on the client to make a real time currency trader application. The application is on GitHub, you can take it out for a spin for yourself and get a feel for this cool architecture. Qiming talks about treating all data as streams with the Reactive Framework for Javascript, passing messages to the various microservices to complete transactions. Packaging up those microservices in containers allows for resiliency and scalability - you just launch more instances using (in this case) Kubernetes. Check out the code!


Qiming Liu

Qiming Liu is a London based software consultant working in the financial services industry. He enjoys working across the full application stack and has extensive experience building real-time trading systems. He is passionate about .NET, open-source software, cloud technologies, Chelsea Football Club, and as much electronic gadgetry as he can get his hands on. He tweets at @_qooroo and blogs for Adaptive Consulting at weareadaptive.com Adaptive is a financial services consultancy specialising in real-time information distribution platforms and decision support applications. They have deep expertise in price distribution, single dealer platforms, and real-time collaboration tools such as sales/trader workflow systems.


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