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Building Multi-Tenant Applications with Paul Stovell

Episode #1332 Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What does it take to make an application support multiple customers? Carl and Richard talk to Paul Stovell about his work making multi-tenant applications. As with most things, making multi-tenant apps is more complicated than it seems! Paul talks about making architectural decisions around separation between various customers - do they each get their own database? What about web server and/or app-pool? What about customizations and deployment. Do customers get new features immediately, or do they have the option to wait? How does the cloud impact your decision making? It's a complicated subject with a variety of trade-offs!


Paul Stovell

Paul Stovell is the founder and CEO at Octopus Deploy, a DevOps automation software company which he started as a nights-and-weekends spare time project in 2011 and now employs 100+ people. Prior to Octopus, Paul was an independent contractor and consultant. Paul lives in Brisbane, Australia.


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