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Developer Playgrounds in HyperDev with Daniel Moore

Episode #1331 Thursday, August 4, 2016

How long does it take you to get an idea into a URL? Carl and Richard talk to Daniel Moore about HyperDev - a tool to make the shortest possible path between writing code and putting it online. Initially only implementing Node and HTML, you can use your Javascript skills to build a quick prototype that is easily shareable, even allow multiple people to work on the code together. At this point the system is relatively small, but it's easy to move off onto your own platform once you get your idea to a place where it needs to grow. But perhaps in the future HyperDev will be that place!


Daniel X Moore

Daniel X Moore is the HyperDev team lead and a member of technical staff at Fog Creek Software. He’s the creator of the popular reactive templating framework, Hamlet.coffee, and has worked in a variety of web programming roles at Sony, OkCupid, and others.


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