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F# to Javascript with Tomas Petricek

Episode #1330 Wednesday, August 3, 2016

F# that transpiles to Javascript! Wait, what? While at NDC is Oslo, Carl and Richard chatted with Tomas Petricek about the Fabel project, combining F# and the Babel project to turn F# into some tight Javascript code. Tomas talks about the easy parts of Fabel first, because Javascript does have some functional elements, and it is possible to write immutable-style code in Javascript if you really want to. Then come the more difficult parts, like typing. There's a judgement call to make about what makes sense in Javascript and what doesn't. But with the choices in where to run Javascript, writing in F# offers some interesting possibilities!


Tomas Petricek

Tomas is a long-time F# enthusiast, Microsoft MVP and author of a book Real-World Functional Programming (http://manning.com/petricek). He leads functional programming and F# courses in London and New York and contributed to the development of F# as an intern and contractor at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. He is currently a PhD student at University of Cambridge, working on context-dependent programming languages.


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