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State of DevOps at DevTeach

Episode #1329 Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So how's your DevOps doing? While at DevTeach in Montreal, Carl and Richard hosted a panel of Stephane LaPointe, Dylan Smith, William Buchwalter and Alexandre Brisebois to discuss the ups and downs of getting teams to work closer together to make better products and provide better services. The conversation focuses first and foremost on culture - the chant of People, Process and Products around DevOps is not accidental, without a commitment in culture, nothing much can happen. How do we create organizations that are willing to admit failure and make improvements? Does it always have to come from the top? How do you get started down the DevOps path? The panel digs into the questions and more - have a listen!


Stephane Lapointe

Stephane Lapointe has been working with Microsoft technologies since 1996. He is very passionate about everything that touches Microsoft Azure, the DevOps practice and automation of all sort of things using PowerShell. Stephane is very dedicated to the Montreal msdevmtl community where he is a co-organizer for the Azure group. He is also a Microsoft Azure MVP & Advisor. You can read Stephane on his blog at http://www.codeisahighway.com/ and on twitter under the handle @s_lapointe.

Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith is a Microsoft MVP (ALM), and an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) consultant for Imaginet where he spends his time helping teams become more successful at delivering software. In addition to over 15 years experience designing and architecting mission critical applications, Dylan helps run the .Net User Group and Agile User Group in his hometown of Winnipeg. In the past 7 years Dylan has focused on agile development techniques and practices. He has led the shift to agile and lean development practices across multiple teams, projects and companies.

William Buchwalter

William Buchwalter is Technical Evangelist of DevOps at Microsoft.

Alexandre Brisebois

Alexandre Brisebois helps you to make informed decisions. He provides both technical and architectural guidance for your Microsoft Azure solutions. Being a strong believer in clean code and best practices, he employs agile practices in order to produce maintainable solutions. Exploring .NET since 2002, his passion for new technologies has driven him to work for companies like Runatserver, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Air France, Lixar, CGI and Microsoft. If you would like reach out to Alexandre about Microsoft Azure feel free to contact him via twitter (@Brisebois) or his blog (http://alexandrebrisebois.wordpress.com)


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