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Fixing File Paths in .NET Core with Jeremy Kuhne

Episode #1320 Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quick, how long can a file path in .NET be? Carl and Richard talk to Jeremy Kuhne, who has taken on the challenge of breaking the 260 character limit on file paths in .NET. Why has this problem persisted for so long? Jeremy references some blog posts from Kim Hamilton back in 2007 when the issue came up big - at the time, .NET was deeply intertwined with Windows, and there were too many things to fix. But the creation of .NET Core presented an opportunity to fix the problem once and for all, and Jeremy jumped on it. What happens next?


Jeremy Kuhne

Jeremy Kuhne has worked at Microsoft since 1997 on Office, Expression, and now .NET. Working on hardware and software compatibility as well as engineering and project systems beat the limitations of MAX_PATH into him repeatedly. With the open sourcing of .NET he saw his opportunity to fight MAX_PATH back and joined the .NET team to do just that.


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