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Deep into Elixir with Rob Conery

Episode #1315 Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ready to go deeper into Elixir? While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard caught up with Rob Conery to see how his obsession with Elixir and Erlang has evolved. Rob talks about getting comfortable in the space and getting serious about building software using the Phoenix MVC library and other tools. The conversation turns to the Actor Model pattern and how it becomes a way of life when you're working in Elixir - as fundamental as objects are to C#. Rob discusses the building, testing and deploying aspects of an Elixir project, and how you can integrate elements built in Elixir into the rest of your software.


Rob Conery

Rob Conery helps developers of all sorts learn what's new with technology. He has been working in the technology field full time since 1998 as a DBA and then a web developer. Rob's original focus was the Microsoft ASP.NET stack, building tools like Subsonic and the first Micro-ORM: Massive. He also authored MassiveJS, a dedicated PostgreSQL data access tool for Node which he ported to Elixir and named it Moebius. Rob is also the author of The Imposter's Handbook, which is a compendium of skills and concepts that you need to know as a self-taught programmer. Things like Complexity Theory (P vs NP), Big-O notation, Database theory, Algorithms and more.


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