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Building Virtual Reality Apps for Vive VR in Unity3D with Jason Weimann

Episode #1310 Thursday, June 16, 2016

Virtual Reality is here, and there are choices! Carl and Richard talk to Jason Weimann about the HTC Vive, the competitor to the Oculus Rift. Jason talks about how the two devices are similar and how they are different. And one place they are similar is the programming model - it's all about Unity3D. The conversation focuses in on what it takes to really learn Unity - you're working in Visual Studio with C#, but the platform and tooling are quite a bit different. And don't worry too much about 3D art, there are tons of free assets! VR is here, are you ready?


Jason Weimann

Jason Weimann is the founder of http://unity3d.college, a website dedicated to teaching developers all about game development in Unity3D. He's built solutions for business and entertainment, ranging from web apps to massively multiplayer games. His broad experience with companies like Intel, Qualcomm, & Sony Online has given him unique insight into the best ways to build games and applications. Jason currently focuses his efforts on improving the work of other Unity developers and building out a library of Virtual Reality games.


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