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DevOps is Dead with Wes Higbee

Episode #1308 Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is DevOps dead, or just a fad? Carl and Richard talk to Wes Higbee about his experiences building great software. As Wes says, don't let any methodology stop you from doing the right thing. The conversation digs into the challenges that come around the term DevOps, much the same way they impact the term Agile. It's very easy to start using terminology to define practices rather than focus on the common goal of building great software. Do the labels developer, tester and IT separate us or unify us? Shouldn't everyone talk to the customer and be sure they're working on the right thing? Time to think beyond DevOps!


Wes Higbee

As a consultant, Wes helps organizations produce rapid results by focusing on what matters. His career has been a journey. He started out in software development helping organizations tackle business opportunities. In working closely with customers as a consultant, he realized there are many needs beyond the software itself that nobody was taking care of. Those are the needs he addresses today, whether or not technology is involved. Along the journey Wes has had a passion for sharing knowledge. He’s been a speaker at countless local groups, community organizations, webinars and conferences. And he speaks professionally to help organizations improve. He authored the book Commitment To Value: How to make technical projects worthwhile. He’s authored 14 courses and counting with Pluralsight and O’Reilly. He writes extensively about business on his blog. And his written work includes articles featured on VeraSage, MSDN Magazine, and InfoQ. He’s been interviewed on “The Businessology Show”, “Art of Value”, and Agile.FM.


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