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Thinking Android with Joshua Vergara

Episode #1294 Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How do you think about Android? Carl and Richard talk to Josh Vergara, Android-fan, non-developer and head of Android Authority about his experiences around Android phones and tablets. Josh talks about the various flavors of Android, including Cyanogen, and the move to make Android more open source and less Google-centric. And then there are the tablets, the poor old Android tablets. Will anything good come there for the marketplace? Cool viewpoint from a consumer of tech!


Joshua Vergara

Joshua Vergara is the Head of Production at Android Authority, where he reviews Android flagship devices for their YouTube channel. Josh has been at Android Authority for over 3 years now, and in that time the YouTube channel has grown immensely, as it is close to hitting 2 million subscribers. Since starting, Josh has dropped iPhones, broken Nexus devices on the Google campus (almost got kicked out for that one), and even reviewed a couple Windows Phones - namely, the Lumia 928, which he was actually quite a fan of. In his spare time, Josh works on his own channel - techandtea - and participates in a number of hobbies that include fitness, tea drinking, video games, and karaoke. You can find Josh on Android Authority reviewing the latest and greatest in Android.


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