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The Evolution of Services with Juval Lowy

Episode #1293 Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So is every class a service? While at DevIntersection in Orlando, Carl and Richard talk to Juval Lowy about how his statement nearly ten years ago has in some ways come true. Juval talks about how services evolved back in the 2006 time frame into monolithic, unmanageable software and the swing to simplification that has led to the current microservices movement. Keeping services small and flexible is the key, to the point that you see service aspects appearing down in very fine grained parts of software: Integer as a Service? Great thinking from an experienced architect of how services continue to evolve!


Juval Löwy

Juval Lowy is a software architect and the principal of IDesign (www.idesign.net), specializing in .NET architecture consulting and advanced training. Juval is Microsoft's Regional Director for the Silicon Valley, working with Microsoft on helping the industry adopt .NET 4.0. His latest book is Programming WCF Services 3rd Edition (O'Reilly 2010). Juval participates in the Microsoft internal design reviews for future versions of .NET and related technologies. Juval has published numerous articles, regarding almost every aspect of .NET development, and is a frequent presenter at development conferences. Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend as one of the world's top .NET experts and industry leaders.


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