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The Hardware Side of IoT with Jon Bruner

Episode #1285 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How has hardware evolved when it comes to the Internet of Things? While at Build 2016 in San Francisco, Carl and Richard sat down with Jon Bruner from O'Reilly SOLID Con about his experience watching and working with the makers of hardware for IoT. Jon dug into the challenges of making production IoT stuff, especially going to China to get things made at scale. Automation is taking hold in that space, soon where it's done won't matter all that much. The conversation also explores additive and subtractive manufacturing with CNC milling machines, laser sintering and more. Lots of cool hardware ideas!


Jon Bruner

Jon Bruner runs O'Reilly Media's hardware division, where he oversees publications and conferences related to electronics, manufacturing, industrial design, and anything else at the intersection between physical and digital. Jon writes and speaks regularly about the new hardware movement—the broad range of technological and organizational changes that are democratizing physical innovation. His biggest project at O'Reilly has been the Solid Conference, of which he's co-chair along with Joi Ito. The first Solid in 2014 was a landmark event in the emergence of the new hardware community, bringing together designers, engineers, artists, researchers, executives, and investors who work at the blurring line between digital and physical. Before Jon came to O'Reilly, he was data editor at Forbes, where he covered anything quantitative through long-form articles, infographics and interactive applications. Jon also managed some of the internal data that goes into Forbes's big editorial efforts like the Forbes 400 and Best Places, and has dabbled in content management systems as well, getting familiar with PHP and the WordPress API to help build Forbes's contributor platform during the summer and fall of 2010.


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