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MonoGame and XBox One with Tom Spilman

Episode #1283 Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ready to code for XBox One? Carl and Richard talk to Tom Spilman about his efforts to bring MonoGame to the XBox One. When the XBox One came out a few years ago, it did not support Microsoft's Indie game platform, XNA. MonoGame has stepped up to fill that role. And as an extra perk, it runs on everything - iOS, Android, Mac, Playstation and Nintendo devices. And of course, everything is coded in C#. Tom talks about how more and more, performance in games is not an issue, and the price of coding in C++ is just too high, without significant advantage. You want to make games? Make them in C# - with MonoGame!


Tom Spilman

Tom Spilman has been in the game industry for almost two decades doing low level game engine and graphics programming. He is the co-owner and programmer at Sickhead Games, a small indie game studio in Dallas, Texas. Tom is currently a lead contributor and maintainer of the MonoGame project.


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