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Learning NodeJS with David Gatti

Episode #1281 Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ready for JavaScript on the server? Carl and Richard talk to David Gatti about building the backend with nodeJS. The conversation starts out with why to use node - its not always an obvious answer! The philosophy of node moves away from the "do everything" web server of IIS and into turning on just what you want. With node you specify where you're listening and what you're listening for, and can construct exactly what your code should return as well. Templates make life easier - want to return a web page? There's a template for that. Just a service? You can do that too. David also talks about deploying through Heroku and automating the updating of your site with just a check in from GitHub!


David Gatti

David Gatti started his career in IT as a SysAdmin. Learned how to code in PHP out of boredom, and made some simple internal tools to help him out while managing the company network. Then he became a Blogger, and wrote about mobile technologies when the iPhone didn’t exist yet and PDAs didn’t have a cellular modems in them. He also wrote the CMS for the site itself, when WordPress was barely starting. Then he went working as a web developer for a company that did simple Facebook games. After that, he ported a Windows Mobile app to Android 2.3. Then he became a Brand Manager for a mobile game company, Marketing Director for another one and at the same company finally he transitioned to Developer Relations Manager and worked for two companies with this title. A job that he fell in love with. But then, while looking for his next opportunity he had a hard time finding the right company.Out of frustration he created Simpe.li (simpli) so he could keep doing what he dose best - Development Relations Management done right :)


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