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Understanding Microsoft Graph with Jeremy Thake

Episode #1277 Friday, April 1, 2016

Microsoft as a Service? Carl and Richard chat with Jeremy Thake about all the goodness coming from the Office 365 team and beyond in the Azure space. Jeremy describes the new Microsoft Graph, which literally provides REST calls to Microsoft related products, starting with Office. The story continues with web callbacks to provide event driven ways to capture activity within accounts on services like OneDrive and the whole Skype Developer SDK so that you can embed Skype functionality into your apps. There's a lot of moving parts here, but the potential is to make it much easier to build the modern mashup of various Microsoft products - more to come!


Jeremy Thake

Jeremy Thake is a Technical Product Manager at Microsoft in the team responsible for the developer story for Office 365 development. Previously he worked at AvePoint Inc, a large ISV as the Chief Architect shipping two Apps to the Office Store. He has been heavily involved in the SharePoint community since 2006 and was awarded the SharePoint MVP award 4 years in a row before retiring the title to move to Microsoft. You can hear him weekly interviewing people on the Office 365 Developer Podcast and catch him on twitter @jthake.


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