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Cross Platform UI in .NET with Curtis Wensley

Episode #1271 Thursday, March 17, 2016

How do you build cross-platform desktop applications? Carl and Richard talk to Curtis Wensley about eto.forms, an open source project he started back in 2006 to deal with cross-platform challenges. Originally focused on mobile, Curtis recognized that Xamarin was moving seriously into that space and pivoted to the desktop side, just in time for Silverlight to go into limbo. Under the hood, eto depends on various Mono related elements, although Curtis sees a day when it will all be .NET Core. The mobile stuff works too, so it is possible to build an app that works on desktop, tablet and phone. Is eto more universal than Universal Apps? Check it out!


Curtis Wensley

Curtis Wensley is an independent software developer and has been programming professionally for 18 years. His background is in web-based database systems and desktop software, and has been a lead architect for projects such as the World Police and Fire Games in Vancouver and Employer Pass Program for Translink. He has been working on his open source projects including Eto.Forms since 2011. When he isn't on the computer, he enjoys sailing in English Bay or spending time with his family and eight month old daughter.

He is currently working for McNeel and Associates to integrate Eto.Forms with their Rhino 3D software, and with Pardon Services Canada on their client management system.

Curtis currently lives in Vancouver, BC Canada.


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