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Pattern Aware Programming using PostSharp with Gael Fraiteur

Episode #1269 Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where do development patterns fit into your world? Carl and Richard talk to Gael Fraiteur about the evolution of PostSharp into a library for implementing patterns. The combination of aspect-oriented programming and patterns is powerful - providing a means to implement a pattern while keeping it separate from your business code. Gael explores one particular pattern - multi-threading. Postsharp implements half a dozen different multi-threading strategies, so that you can apply the pattern as an aspect to your objects and make multi-threaded coding simpler and safer. Check it out!


Gael Fraiteur

Gael Fraiteur built his first commercial software at age 12 and never stopped coding ever since. Gael is widely recognized for his pioneering work in aspect-oriented programming (AOP), particularly through his creation of the PostSharp framework. Recently, his restless passion for improving software development led to the inception of Metalama, a totally new approach to code generation and architecture validation inspired by AOP and based on Roslyn. Gael is a devoted father of five. His musical taste oscillates between baroque, Piazzolla, and classic rock.


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