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Agile Change with Chris McDermott

Episode #1260 Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How can you bring change to your organization in an agile way? While on the ScotNetRocks tour, Carl and Richard talked to Chris McDermott about his experiences bringing agile to companies, and how that affected change. The conversation explores the idea that companies are actually highly resistant to change - change represents risk, and risk should be avoided. How do you really embrace change? Chris talks about managing the risk by making the cost of failure small, effectively lowering the risk. That means being able to measure how things are working so you know when you're failing sooner and can change course efficiently. Change is good - you go first!


Chris McDermott

Chris McDermott is an Agile coach, developer and conference organiser. In his 14 year career he has worked in various different domains from the police, investment banking, reverse logistics to media. Since reading Kent Becks eXtreme Programming Explained in 2003 he has been passionate about Agile development. After discovering Kanban, and subsequently Systems Thinking, he has became increasingly fascinated with organisational systems and how to make them more effective and more humane. Chris is the organiser of Lean Agile Scotland and the co-organiser of the Lean Agile Glasgow meet up group.


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