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Onboarding is Culture with Jessie Shternshus

Episode #1253 Thursday, February 4, 2016

What does your company do when it brings in new hires? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talked to Jessie Shternshus of the Improv Effect about how she helps organizations create fun, innovative onboarding processes that actually reflect the culture of the company. Jessie talks about various exercises she uses to help folks get comfortable with a team and communicate effectively. The conversation digs into how every organization has a culture that new people see, the question is only how intentional that culture actually is - is the reality that its a sink-or-swim kind of place? Or do you really support the success of everyone? Lots of laughs and fun while thinking about how to make your company great!


Jessie Shternshus

As the founder and owner of The IMPROV EFFECT, Jessie weds her lifelong passion for and expertise in applied improvisation with the fast paced demands of the corporate world. In her classes and workshops she helps people become better listeners, team players, leaders, and communicators. Her physically engaging and playful workshops are relevant to all fields of life; participants of her workshops vary from college professors to engineers and from web developers to lawyers. Jessie gained her formal education at USF and NYU. Throughout her career she has worked with Fortune 500 companies and companies such as CBS, Paramount Pictures, MTV and Sesame Workshop. She also facilitates communication skills workshops and speaks at conferences worldwide.


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