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NuML with Seth Juarez

Episode #1252 Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How can you make machine learning simpler? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talked to Seth Juarez about his open source project NuML. Seth has been working on NuML since 2011, providing tooling to let developers think more about the goals of their machine learning than the specific mathematical concepts involved. But he reinforces that you do need to learn some core concepts of machine learning no matter what! You can run NuML anywhere you like, but if you're working in the cloud, Seth mentions AzureML as having similar concepts to NuML, but built to work at cloud scales. Machine learning is becoming a critical capability for organizations - are you ready?


Seth Juarez

Seth Juarez holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science where his field of research was Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the realm of Machine Learning. Seth is an Evangelist for Microsoft and devotes the majority of his time making videos for Channel 9. When he is not working in that area, Seth devotes his time to an open source Machine Learning Library, specifically for .NET, intended to simplify the use of popular machine learning models, as well as complex statistics and linear algebra.


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