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Practical Reactive Extensions with Tamir Dresher

Episode #1233 Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So what can you do with Reactive Extensions (Rx)? You know, really? While at the Azure Tour stop in Tel Aviv, Carl and Richard sat down with Tamir Dresher to talk about Rx in the real world. Tamir is the author of Reactive Extensions in Action and he talks through the practical applications that Rx has, and where it can make your software better. This is not an all-or-nothing proposition, you can slide Rx into spots where you want to react to key bits of data while ignoring others, so where you want to focus on the relationship between two different bits of data - this is not just about high velocity streams of data!


Tamir Dresher

Tamir Dresher is a Senior Architect at CodeValue - one of the leading software companies in Israel and the home of “OzCode”, the magical debugging tool. Tamir is a technology pioneer that leads software development projects from inception, through building the proper architecture and, of course, the joy of coding! Tamir works on both large-scale enterprise applications and cutting edge startups. He is a prominent member of Israel’s Microsoft developers community and the author of the book “Reactive Extensions in Action” (published by Manning). Tamir loves teaching as much as he loves programming, and enjoys teaching software engineering to students at the Ruppin Academic Center. Most of all, he enjoy spending the time with his family.


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