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Date and Time with Matt Johnson

Episode #1230 Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's only date and time, how hard could it be? Carl and Richard chat with Matt Johnson about the challenges of really managing dates, times and time zones properly. The world is a complicated place, and time zones are a relatively new invention that is as much driven by politics as geography. And then there's daylight saving time, which is even worse! Matt talks about the simple mistakes that developers can make assuming behavior around dates and time that can lead to significant failures in your application. He also digs into the tools to make your life easier, especially Noda Time, an open source library for doing dates, times, time zones and daylight saving time right. Time to check it out!


Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is an expert on the subject of dates and times in computing, including time zones and daylight saving time. He is the author of the Pluralsight course, "Date and Time Fundamentals", and a contributor to several time-related open source projects, including Noda Time and moment.js, and has authored several open source projects of his own, such as TimeZoneNames, GeoTimeZone, and SQL Server Time Zone Support. In his day job, Matt works at Microsoft on the Patterns and Practices team, where he writes guidance for the Azure cloud. He also spends a lot of his time advising other groups at Microsoft on time zone issues, and is working towards improving the state of time zones in .NET and in Windows. You can find Matt answering Stack Overflow questions for the datetime and timezone tags, on twitter @mj1856, or check out his blog at codeofmatt.com.


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