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Visual Studio 2015 Shortcuts with Joseph Woodward

Episode #1229 Thursday, December 10, 2015

So how many shortcuts do you know in Visual Studio 2015? Carl and Richard talk to Joseph Woodward about his conscious efforts to learn more shortcuts and speed his development pace. Every time you take your hand off the keyboard, you slow yourself down, and more importantly, interrupt your flow! But not all shortcuts are created equal - the discussion focuses first on navigation shortcuts to move around your code more efficiently, and then into block editing and moving. Of course there are tools to take it further like Code Rush and Resharper - which ones are your favorites?


Joseph Woodward

Joseph Woodward is a South West England based .NET software engineer currently working at Just Eat for the International Platforms team. Having spent the first part of his career programming predominantly in PHP, Joe realized the joys he was missing when he started getting his feet wet in the .NET world almost 5 years ago. Outside of work Joe is an active member of the .NET community and helps organize the .NET South West user group. Joe also enjoys speaking at local meet-ups and conferences, sharing, learning, growing, contributing to open-source projects, blogging and trying to play the piano. You can find Joe blabbing on about software on twitter at @joe_mighty or via his blog at josephwoodward.co.uk When talking to Joe be sure not to mention TypeScript - you won't be able to shut him up about it.


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