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Thinking Beyond the SPA with Benjamin Howarth

Episode #1222 Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How do you make the Single Page Application (SPA) better? Carl and Richard talk to Benjamin Howarth about his experiences with building SPAs and solving some of their limitations. Users love the look of a SPA, its responsiveness and styling are powerful. But SPAs have problems - they are very hard to test properly, they resist search engine indexing, are bandwidth hungry and not accessible to folks with visual impairments. Benjamin talks about his library RomanSPA (see what he did there?) that builds a normal MVC app behind the scenes and then can selectively render pages via MVC or the SPA approach as needed. Could this be the better SPA?


Benjamin Howarth

Benjamin Howarth is a freelance consultant & web developer, specialising in the .NET open source arena building awesome projects and websites, and hopefully making other developer's lives easier along the way. As well as blogging about all things .NET and open-source, he loves travelling, running, politics and promoting mental health & related charitable causes.


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