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Building Microservices using Azure Service Fabric with Corey Sanders

Episode #1221 Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Microservices and Azure together! While at the Stockholm stop of the Azure Tour, Carl and Richard chatted with Corey Sanders in front of a live audience about the announcement at the Microsoft Connect event about Azure Service Fabric's direct support for microservices. Corey digs into the core concepts of microservices, focusing on single domain APIs that use HTTPS and REST to connect and communicate. The challenge of microservices is proliferation - between redundancy and scalability, a large application can have hundreds, even thousands of instances. Azure Service Fabric provides tooling and resources to manage the complexity of microservices while keeping the flexibility and power. Check it out!


Corey Sanders

As Director of Program Management for Microsoft Azure, Corey Sanders is responsible for the engineering and business of compute in the Azure team. This includes Windows VMs, Linux VMs, Batch Computing, and the compute technology supporting large Microsoft services like Bing and O365. Corey created and delivered the initial IaaS release on Azure. Prior to Azure, Corey spent five years as a developer in the Windows Serviceability team. In Windows Serviceability, Corey's team owned networking, kernel, and install technologies of all released versions of Windows.


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