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Microservice Design with Paul Mooney

Episode #1218 Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So what are microservices anyway? Carl and Richard talk to Paul Mooney about his work architecting applications with microservice principles. Paul talks about getting granularity right, and keep services simple using REST. Gone are the monolithic, verbose and complex services from the SOA age, it's all HTTP and simple language. The conversation digs into key architectural elements like queuing - in this case, with RabbitMQ. This is a tricky design pattern, but allows for lots of scalability and creates natural separation points between application elements. Microservices are still emerging as a cloud-centric way to build applications!


Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney is the creator of the Encrypted Token Pattern and ARMOR, its .NET implementation. He specialises in taking apart problems, designing solutions, and providing those solutions as downloadable software frameworks, available under the MIT License. Paul occupies the space between engineer and architect. He is happiest when designing solutions to problems from a conceptual point-of-view, while getting his hands dirty assembling the nuts and bolts. For that reason, he tries to avoid titles, but if he had to brand himself, it would be as a Technology Consultant. Paul is most accomplished in C# in terms of language, however he is also very proficient in JavaScript, Java, and Golang. Paul is a software-development mentor, and enjoy guiding teams of engineers toward effective technology-driven solutions to real-world problems.


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