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Building Virtual Reality Apps in .NET with Matthew Wilson

Episode #1211 Thursday, October 29, 2015

Can you really built virtual reality apps in .NET? You bet! Carl and Richard talk to Matthew Wilson about his work with Novus-Res, building VR apps for businesses. The conversation ranges over the typical hardware set - primarily focused on the Oculus Rift. Matthew talks about the different skills and tools needed to build a VR space, including 3D modelling. But when it comes to programming, Unity 3D leads the way, and you can write C# with Unity! What makes sense as a VR app? How do you keep folks from getting motion sick, and really make the VR experience real? Lots of cool thinking here, and we're still at the beginning!


Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson has been developing software for nearly 20 years and came to .NET in late 2002 working in the financial sector in London. Originally born in Saskatoon Canada he grew up in Adelaide Australia and after a ten year stint travelling the world developing .net software has returned to Australia and now runs Novus Res a virtual reality development company. His passion is building software and he loves how VR now allows him to explore more creative aspects to software development and user interfacing. He hopes VR is here to stay and actively encourages software developers to explore developing in VR, especially in .NET.


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