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Programming in Go with Michael Van Sickle

Episode #1203 Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How much can a language do with only 25 keywords? Carl and Richard talk to Michael Van Sickle about Google's Go Language. The focus in Go is on simplicity and structure - it's amazing what you can do with so few keywords, plus fixed locations for braces, indentations, and so on. The benefit of Go is easy-to-read code that has great concurrency capabilities - the Actor model is a standard pattern of development for Go. Michael also digs into the tooling around Go, using Atom for an editor and various plug ins to make coding and debugging easier. So how good is Go? Docker is written in Go! Check it out!


Michael Van Sickle

Mike is an application architect for Sterling Jewelers in Akron, Ohio. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, in the automotive industry, before changing to software engineering. He is passionate about learning new programming languages and is comfortable working in JavaScript, C#, Java, PHP, and F#. Recently, Mike has been accepted as an author for Pluralsight where he hopes to help others learn about the Dojo Toolkit and other open source technologies. When he is not writing code, Mike loves to go camping and take long walks with his wife and two girls.


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