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Method Interception using JSON with Ricardo Barbosa

Episode #1198 Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ready to do some method interception? Carl and Richard talk to Ricardo Barbosa about CodeCop, his method interception library that you configure with JSON. The conversation starts out talking about why you would want to do method interception in the first place - aspect oriented programming, instrumentation, isolating plumbing code, and so on. There are a bunch of ways to address these problems, and method interception has some advantages. Ricardo talks about building the tool and its gradual evolution as he got a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of .NET. There's a free version of the product, take it out for a spin!


Ricardo Barbosa

Ricardo Barbosa is a passionate-to-the-bone full-stack Portuguese developer who specializes mainly in Microsoft technologies. He’s a creator and entrepreneur at heart but still a "Clark Kent" during the day, developing for a major Telecom company. Ricardo is living proof that you can beat the "no time to do" excuse. Father of almost 2 girls (wife's giving birth to second child real soon), he always finds the time and the will to develop that crazy stuff that we developers have pounding on our heads. Ricardo’s latest solo creation is a library called CodeCop that lets you do method interception in .NET using JSON, the result of almost 1-1/2 years of dedication and stubbornness and ignoring those extra grey hairs. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering by Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa, but says that, in essence, what he knows today is due to real world practice and a strong self-taught will.


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