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Data on DocumentDB with Ryan CrawCour

Episode #1197 Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Document databases as a service? For sure! Carl and Richard talk to Ryan CrawCour about Azure DocumentDB. DocumentDB is a JSON store - with an amazing set of features, including SQL querying. What? Ryan talks about how DocumentDB provides a fast, scalable place to store objects and write your queries any way you like. You write the rules for how your data partitions between collections, as well as the performance of each of those collections, and you can change them on the fly. More sophisticated than a simple key-value-pair store, but less structured that a relational database, DocumentDB sits in a great spot in your data storage needs. Check it out!


Ryan CrawCour

Ryan CrawCour is 20-year database veteran who started out many years ago writing his first stored procedure for SQL Server 4.2. Many cursors, joins, stored procedures later he began exploring the exciting free world of NoSQL solutions. After spending 3 years helping customers move their applications to Azure and learning about running a variety of NoSQL options on Azure, Ryan wanted more so he joined the DocumentDB product team in Redmond as a Program Manager. Here he helps shape the future of Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s very own NoSQL Database-as-a-Service. When not geeking out, you can usually find him up a mountain onboard a bicycle or a snowboard finding the gnarliest and most stylish way to get to the bottom. The stylish part is a work in progress.


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