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Continuous Integration of SQL Server with Ike Ellis

Episode #1191 Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ci with SQL Server? Are you crazy? Carl and Richard talk to Ike Ellis about what it takes to get databases changes happening as smoothly as application changes. Really! Ike talks about the concept of database lifecycle management and how it is orthogonal to application lifecycle management. The tricky bit is managing the data! And to help with that, Ike discusses a great tool chain of source code management, testing and deployment tools that work with databases like SQL Server and integrate into your usual development lifecycle toolchain as well. This is some next level DevOps thinking!


Ike Ellis

Ike Ellis is a five-time Microsoft MVP for SQL Server. In March, he co-wrote "Developing Azure Solutions" with Zoiner Tejada and Michele Leroux Bustamante. He has spoken at SQL PASS Summit and TechEd. For his day job, he's a partner in a San Diego-based software studio, Crafting Bytes.


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