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Developing on Unity with Brice Fernandes

Episode #1190 Thursday, September 10, 2015

So what about building apps with Unity 3D? Carl and Richard talk to Brice Fernandes about what it takes to build using this cross-platform 3D framework. Brice talks about the important elements of gaming, including the art, user experience and game play itself. You need all three to some degree, great games do all of them well. The conversation digs into the variety of styles of games and the strengths and weaknesses of Unity in those different roles. Could you build things other than games in Unity? Yes, but would you want to?


Brice Fernandes

Brice Fernandes is the co-creator of the Complete Unity Developer course, an online course teaching game development in Unity to over 42000 students. He is also a mentor and coach at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School startup accelerator and the founder of the Cambridge Programmer's Study Group. He is now developing another course to teach people F#.


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