.NET Rocks!

Developing using ASP.NET vNext with Rick Strahl

Episode #1188 Tuesday, September 8, 2015

So what's it like to build web apps with ASP.NET 5? Carl and Richard talk to Rick Strahl about his experiences with the rapidly evolving open source project that is ASP.NET today. As Rick says, it might be called a beta, but it is acting more like an alpha at this point - new features and breaking changes are occurring regularly as the toolset develops. On the plus side is the server-side cross-platform of running on Linux and OSX, plus a design that is far more focused on what modern web development looks like. The original ASP.NET is nearly fifteen years old, this is an awesome update!


Rick Strahl

Rick Strahl is the Big Kahuna at West Wind Technologies on the beautiful island of Maui. Between windsurf sessions Rick has been a software developer for over 25 years, developing business and Web applications since the very early days of the Web. Today Rick builds and mentors customers on client centric Web applications and services with HTML5, JavaScript, mobile Web technologies, and the ASP.NET stack on the back end. Rick has been a Microsoft MVP for 18 years running, and he writes a popular development blog at weblog.west-wind.com.


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