.NET Rocks!

C# Ships with Dustin Campbell

Episode #1185 Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Roslyn is out - and it's awesome! Carl and Richard talk to Dustin Campbell about his work building Roslyn over eight years. Eight years is an awful long time, but when you're rebuilding a codebase from scratch, it's hardly unprecedented. Dustin talks about some the decisions made in the re-engineering of C#, including whether or not to keep in the bugs! Taking Roslyn open source is also a huge aspect of Roslyn and it's impact on the rest of the open source products Microsoft is making including the new ASP.NET. Great insight from someone who's been there!


Dustin Campbell

Dustin Campbell is a program manager in the Visual Studio Managed Languages group at Microsoft where he works primarily on the Visual Basic and C# IDE experiences. Before joining Microsoft, he developed much of the low-level plumbing of the award-winning CodeRush and Refactor! products at Developer Express. A regular speaker, Dustin is a noted authority in many advanced areas of the Microsoft .NET Framework and dives deep "under the hood" of any technology that he works with. Dustin is a programming language nut. His favorite color is blue.


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