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GitHub Desktop with Amy Palamountain

Episode #1182 Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Unifying your Git GUI experience! Carl and Richard talk to Amy Palamountain from GitHub about how GitHub Desktop is bringing together the separate GitHub for Mac and GitHub for Windows products. Amy explains that in the past, there were separate GUI clients for Mac and Windows, with separate feature sets and styles. Bringing the codebase together keeps the releases more consistent, but it also represents an interesting unified coding approach using technologies like Reactive Extensions and other cross-platform tooling. Check it out!


Amy Palamountain

Amy is from New Zealand and really likes programming, skiing and is a bit of a Morrissey fan. She works at GitHub building GitHub Desktop, so day to day she writes a ton of C#. She has a background in genetics, high performance computing, Web API design, and JavaScript client side architectures. These days she finds herself focusing on what it means to build a slick UI using reactive extensions.


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