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Azure Service Fabric with Mark Fussell

Episode #1173 Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So what does it take to make scalable, resilient services in the cloud? Carl and Richard talk to Mark Fussell about Azure Service Fabric, the underlying infrastructure inside Azure to provide these capabilities. And the Azure Service Fabric doesn't only run on Azure - it runs on Windows Server too! Mark talks about creating your application in a way that allows it to scale into the cloud, whether its running there or not. In theory the fabric is just plumbing, but its the kind of plumbing that's hard to do right, and easy to mess up - and you don't want to find out you got it wrong when your customers are growing and demanding more!


Mark Fussell

Mark Fussell is a principal program manager in Azure and has been working on Azure Service Fabric since the projects’ inception many years ago. Mark focuses on application platforms, developer technologies and is passionate about enabling teams to building large scale, resilient cloud services


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